The adorable Blue Velvet Pouch is intended to hold the 7 stones and the pendant cage, while traveling or on a normal day you can take them with you, in addition the symbol imprinted on the pouch is the geometric symbol of The Seed of Life (you can also use symbols like the “Flower of Life” and “Tree of Life”) which is good to meditate on it as it promotes healthy new beginnings and enhances creativity.


  • Hold the stones or put them around your lap
  • Look and concentrate on the seed of life geometric symbol for about a 30 seconds
  • Start to breath slow with your stomach
  • Close your eyes, relax and keep breathing slowly
  • Start to visualize a loving dark void, picture the symbol in front of you, that is a good time to think of your desired dream/object/wish or goal. Feel the emotions of achieving the goal. You can print the symbol and place it around to remind you of your life goals and dreams.